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Make It Click

Good Things Foundation is working with to create and test a new ?Learning pathway? called Make It Click. Make It Click is for people who are limited users of the internet to gain and apply a broader range of digital skills that will help them make positive changes in their careers. There are two parts to the programme the Make It Click website and offline support delivered through our network of Online Centres.

Make It Click is a collection of online learning resources to help you build your digital skills. It includes courses, tools and templates carefully picked from established websites with a track record of providing reliable digital skills content.

More and more people are learning online. However, there is so much content available, it can be hard to find what you need. That?s where Make It Click comes in ? we?ve done the searching for you.

The Directory only features learning content that is good quality, up-to-date and reliable. There are currently six subject areas and lots of ways to learn, from video courses and screencasts to written guides. You?ll also find online tools and templates that you can use at home or in work.

What is a learning pathway?

It?s the term we?re using to describe the journey a person goes on, from becoming aware of the support available to them through to achieving a positive outcome. On the way, they?re able to find out what skills they have and what they need, learn new skills, and make sure they can apply these skills in real-life situations.

Is it free?

All of the courses and websites that we list on Make It Click are free to use. Some may need you to register or create an account, but we?ve only chosen learning content that you can access without paying a fee. The Directory itself are also completely free.


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