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Education Consultancy

In lieu of the increased awareness among the students about the importance of professional workforce in their educational career, KBM consultants provides skilled and experienced experts who have mastered all the techniques that can facilitate your journey of studying abroad. For all such aspiring students, professional guidance is provided with respect to selection of the right institution and the appropriate courses. By being in strong connection with the universities abroad, the professionals on board make the admission process smooth for the students. They train them in accordance with the exact techniques of getting enrolled.

Moreover, a regular check is kept on the educational profiles of the aspiring students so that assistance is provided to them with regard to the suitable degrees. An array of options is thus provided to the students according to their budget along with guidance on the application procedure for the selected course, management of the visa documentation and finalization of the accommodation arrangements as per the requirements of the students.

Admission Guidance

Initial Assessment

In the beginning when a student arrives for the purpose of applying for a university of abroad, assistance is provided in terms of the selection of programs and fields of study according to their requirements. Once this procedure is done, the students are guided in the right direction for their search for colleges and universities that offer the programs of their choice. Not only this, details regarding tuition fee, academic policies, other requirements like TOEFL and IELTS are provided.

Admission Process

When the students are through with the process of selecting the appropriate institution, they are advised to have a thorough look at the prospectus of that institution prior to filling of the admission form. In the admission form, they have to mention in clear words, the title of the selected course and the session in which the student wants to join. The form is filled under the supervision of the professionals of KBM consultants. After the application form has been filled, it has to me returned to the institution together with the copies of the required academic documents and registration or application fee.

Documents Required for Admission Process

Acceptance Letter

When the concerned institution receives the filled application form, relevant academic documents and registration fee of a student, it will send a conditional letter of acceptance which states that the institution is enrolling that particular student in the selected course, subject to the payment of the tuition fee.

Fee Payment Policy

With respect to the varying policies of the countries, different institutions have different policies about the payment fee. There are certain institutions which have a policy of collecting complete fee in advance from the student whereas some other institutions provide admission to the students even if they have paid half of the tuition fee. These policies vary according to different institutions in different countries. Hence, this step is dependent on the choice of the respective country and institution.

Offer Letter

When the institution receives all the relevant documents and fee, an offer letter of admission is issued to the student. This letter contains all the explanations about the student, his qualification, payment of fee, selected courses and the duration of courses. After receiving this offer letter, the student can now apply for the visa, keeping in mind the policies and procedures of the respective country in which the institution is. KBM Consultants assists the students in terms of preparing their cases from the documents submission till filling of the case.

A1 Test Training

A language assessment test is also required for settlement visa. KBM Consultants provide training and practice to ensure that the English language is up to the mark. This test is prominent amongst the visa applicants for UK, especially the ones who are seeking spouse visas. They are required by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) to give a proof of their capability with respect to English Language and this is considered as a significant part of the visa application process.

For this purpose the dates of the test and the registration procedure is also guided by the professionals on board. They not only assist in the registration for the test but also arrange classes for the purpose of teaching English Language and ensuring that the particular person is capable of giving the Test Format

What Is A1 English?  
According to the immigration laws of UK, any person applying for the purpose of entering UK or is applying to stay in UK being a British citizen’s partner has to show that they are able to understand and speak English language. In this regard, every candidate must show up for the A1 English Language test which has been authorized by the UK border agency (UKBA).
The coaching sessions of A1 English Language are very effective for the test takers: providing them with an initial knowledge about English; sufficient for their survival in travel, social and everyday situations. Through the utilization of innovative techniques, proven methodologies as well as dedicated workforce KBM Consultants provides you with such results that surpass your expectations. Their comprehension about communication, research, instruction, training and vocation counseling has made it possible for them to establish a special rapport amongst various age groups from all parts of the society.

For whom is this A1 Spouse Visa English Test for?
The test is for those who have a beginner level of knowledge about English which is suitable for everyday situations. The test takers are required to comprehend simple, short information and to express themselves briefly and simply in writing as well as in speech.

A1 Spouse Visa English Test Requirements
Every candidate should attain a minimum score in A1 spouse visa English test of 24 in the skills of speaking and listening.

Listening - 24%
Speaking - 24%

The validity of the test is two years.
The test format requires:

Registration and Fees
The test is conducted once in every month. There is a variation in the dates of the tests in each month. The confirmation can be done by contacting KBM Consultants

Visa Guidance

KBM Consultants is persistently in contact with consulates, embassies and various related departments which enable its counsellors to be updated regularly on the current rules and regulations pertaining to the requirements of student visa. Here, it is ensured that there is a precise filling of the forms, every requirement is met in a transparent way and the student is prepared well for the interviews prior to the filing of visa. The organization also enjoys a high visa success rate.

In the education consultancy services for Students - Universities/Colleges, the services provided to clients include the full visa service that entails all visa classes and reviews of cases and decisions. The specialization however is in skill visas in which visa services are offered in order to support the applicants along with the student, spouse or family visas.

It is very important to launch a visa application. Any mistake in this regard will lead to the refusal of a visa application. The dedicated professionals at KBM Consultants make sure that the aspiring students prepare their visa application in accordance with the requirements that are put forth by the British High Commission. They also keep the students up to date regarding any alterations in terms of applications or any documents which are needed to get a UK visa.

Prior to applying for a UK visa at the British High Commission, Pakistan, the following check list should be maintained by the students: