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Immigration Consultancy

The Visa and Immigration Consultancy services of KBM Consultants feature outstanding immigration facilities which standardize the company as one of the most reliable immigration service providers. In this regard, the clients are served with specific information related to their student visa and for immigration abroad. The aim of the KBM Visa Consultancy is to provide competent, experienced and professional service which will help in fulfilling the immigration goals. There is a team of expert consultants and lawyers. Through their efforts, the company enjoys more than 90% success ratios in immigration cases.

* Tier 1 UK Visa - Entrepreneur
Tier 1 UK visa is for those migrants, who aim to invest in UK by either taking over or setting up, and are actively involved in conducting a business there. UK is considered to be an ideal location for all the aspiring entrepreneurs to conduct businesses and achieve success. For this purpose any kind of business can be opened by the applicants but they should work on full time basis. The score of the applicants has to be 75 points in the following mentioned way:

A total of 75 points have to be claimed by the applicant by using the points achieved in all the above sections. The candidates should also meet the requirements of having fluency over English Language (4 bands in IELTS) in the case when the candidate does not have a bachelor degree which is equivalent to the bachelor degree of UK. Also, sufficient funds must be present as mentioned by the government of UK during the time of application. However, now it is not compulsory for the candidate to show £200,000 of his won to look for an entry clearance or more leave to fall under the category of Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). He can depend on the third party funding for the purpose of making up to £200,000 and apply for Tier 1 (Entrepreneur). Following is the list for third parties:

* Tier 2 (Skilled Workers) - UK
Tier 2 UK via is for those foreign nationals who have been offered a skilled job for the purpose of filling the gap in the workforce which cannot be done through a settled worker. . Similar to Tier 1, Tier 2 UK visa is constituted in the point-based system for non-European migrants. The person applying for visa should have a job offer from any company in UK and has to score at least 70 points based on earnings and education. The old UK Work Permit process has been replaced by the Tier 2 work permit system. Tier 2 work permits are applicable on the employers who have a requirement to fill up a vacant position with a particular person. It is important that the employer can demonstrate that the business is genuine and also that there is a valid requirement for the particular role. Moreover, the intended employee should be adequately skilled and qualified for the vacant post, meeting the basic requirements and the pa sin of the Tier 2 test. In order to get a work permit, in majority of the cases the employer should first provide an evidence that he has advertised the post nationally and should not fill in the post with a person from within the European Economic Area.

* Settlement Visas - UK
Once a person has lived in UK for a certain period of time, legally, he may then be illegible to apply for a permit to settle there. This is called 'indefinite leave to remain'. If the person is applying to come to UK as a child of a citizen of Britain or as someone who is settled there, an immediate permission can be given by the UKBA to settle their permanently. If a person is currently living in UK then his right to apply for settlement will be dependent on the present immigration category of his. Those who are applying for the settlement visa in UK should exhibit a knowledge of the life and language of UK.

* Visa Refusal Appeals - UK
If a person is refused entry in UK then the first step guided under UK Immigration Consultancy of KBM is to make an application. A decision will be made after a careful analysis of the visa application, supporting documents and immigration history to check if the immigration rules are met. If the visa officer at UKBA is unable to make an immediate decision then an interview will be conducted. In case of the refusal of application, the entry clearance office will deliver a notice of refusal to the client. The notice will mention the reasons for refusal.

†If the application of the client was refused when there was limited right of appeal, he can apply again at any time. The client should make sure that while re-applying, all the factors that lead to the previous refusal must be completely addressed through written explanation or by providing extra documents.

If the application has been refused under the points-based system, an appeal cannot be made. Administrative review is the procedure which is required here.

On refusal of the application, a letter will be sent by UKBA informing the client about their decision. This is known as the “Notice of Immigration Decision” that shall elaborate the appeal rights. Applicants having some specific kind of visa may enjoy the right to make an appeal when the application is refused. The type of visa applicants that fall under this category include the children, partners or other British citizen’s relatives or settled persons who want to enter UK for settlement purpose as well as the family visitors.

If an applicant has the right to appeal, an IAFT-2 appeal will be sent to him from the notice of decision of UKBA. This will be followed by an information document that will elaborate on the method to complete the appeal form. In most of the situations, a fee has to be paid prior to making an appeal.

Making an appeal

If an applicant wishes to make an appeal while having the right to appeal, he should:

The client has to elaborate on the fact, the reasons for being wrong which led to the refusal of application. The form should be filled thoroughly including the contact address. If the appeal is made using the IAFT-2, the client or his representative should sign the form otherwise it will be returned back to him.
Certain documents which will support the grounds for making the appeal should be attached and send with the form. The documents have to be in English language or otherwise translated. The form has to be received within 28 days of calendar after the date when the notice of decision was received.

* Visitor & Tourist Visas - UK
For the purpose of entering UK as a general visitor, the client must show that he is:

Together with this the client should be able to show that during his visit he does not plans to:

Required Documents
The following documents should be sent along with the visa application or if the client is travelling to UK without visa, then these documents should be carried along:

How to apply

In accordance to where you live, the visa application can be made online or in printed form by completing the application form VAF1A. A part of the application is the enrollment of the facial image and fingerprints, called the biometric information, in the visa application centre.