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Strategies for Refugees Project

This project, through exchange of good practices will assist the immigrants and the challenges faced by Immigrants and refugees as: LANGUAGE BARRIERS: It's no great surprise that language tops the list of issues facing immigrants to any country. Being able to communicate (or not) affects every area of life in which we have to interact with others. From jobs to schooling, to simply finding your way around or buying food, learning English language is essential. EMPLOYMENT: Many new immigrants face two particular problems; getting their credentials recognized and relevant local work experience. HOUSING: A big priority for anybody moving to a new area or country is to secure housing. ACCESS TO SERVICES: Services which pose the biggest hurdles include health care, legal advice and access to mental health or social services. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES: This can range from social customs to more significant issues such as attitudes towards gender, religious diversity, ethnicity and sexuality, which can all be vastly different in a new country. This can raise a host of problems for both immigrants and the people they interact with.

The general objective of the action is to develop and implement effective and concrete ways to strengthen the integration of migrants in the society and cope with a pressing need for more inclusion. To help the social service providers and organizations working with migrants to scale up their activities relevant to the migrants integration; To support the training and skills development to enable more practitioners to improve their capacity building on diversity and identity management; To build cooperation between organizations working with the mission of the social and cultural inclusion.

TARGU JIU,Romania is a city located at about 300 km far from Bucharest the capital of Romania, with a population of 78,553

The city takes its name from the river Jiu, which runs through it. In antiquity, there was a Dacian village in around the location of today's city surrounded by forests. After the Roman conquests of Oltenia (101-102), military units were stationed around the roads that connected different important routes at the time. During the digging of the Targu Jiu Rovinari railroad, mosaics, coins, ceramics and Roman bricks were found in the south-eastern part of the city. This and ancient testimonies support the idea that Targu Jiu was a commercial town (a vicus) while under the Roman Empire's rule. A very important route that connects the Danube to Transylvania runs through the city, so historians believe that part of the Roman Army under Trajan's leadership stayed and then passed in the actual location of the city.

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London,UK is the capital and most populous city of England and the United Kingdom. Standing on the River Thames in the south east of the island of Great Britain, London has been a major settlement for two millennia. It was founded by the Romans, who named it Londinium. London's ancient core, the City of London, largely retains its 1.12-square-mile (2.9 km2) medieval boundaries. Since at least the 19th century, "London" has also referred to the metropolis around this core, historically split between Middlesex, Essex, Surrey, Kent, and Hertfordshire, which today largely makes up Greater London, governed by the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.

London is a leading global city in the arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, tourism, and transportation. It is crowned as the world's largest financial centre and has the fifth- or sixth-largest metropolitan area GDP in the world. London is a world cultural capital. It is the world's most-visited city as measured by international arrivals and has the world's largest city airport system measured by passenger traffic. London is the world's leading investment destination, hosting more international retailers and ultra high-net-worth individuals than any other city. London's universities form the largest concentration of higher education institutes in Europe. In 2012, London became the first city to have hosted the modern Summer Olympic Games three times.

London has a diverse range of people and cultures, and more than 300 languages are spoken in the region.Its estimated mid-2015 municipal population (corresponding to Greater London) was 8,673,713, the largest of any city in the European Union, and accounting for 12.5% of the UK population. London's urban area is the second most populous in the EU, after Paris, with 9,787,426 inhabitants at the 2011 census.The city's metropolitan area is the most populous in the EU with 13,879,757 inhabitants, while the Greater London Authority states the population of the city-region (covering a large part of the south east) as 22.7 million. The city-region therefore has a similar land area and population to that of the New York metropolitan area. London was the world's most populous city from around 1831 to 1925.

London contains four World Heritage Sites: the Tower of London; Kew Gardens; the site comprising the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret's Church; and the historic settlement of Greenwich (in which the Royal Observatory, Greenwich marks the Prime Meridian, 0� longitude, and GMT).Other famous landmarks include Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, St Paul's Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, and The Shard. London is home to numerous museums, galleries, libraries, sporting events, and other cultural institutions, including the British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, British Library, and West End theatres. The London Underground is the oldest underground railway network in the world.

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Zaragoza, Spain also called Saragossa is the capital city of the Zaragoza province and of the autonomous community of Aragon, Spain. It lies by the Ebro river and its tributaries, the Huerva and the Gallego, roughly in the center of both Aragon and the Ebro basin.

On 1 September 2010 the population of the city of Zaragoza was 701,090, within its administrative limits on a land area of 1,062.64 square kilometres (410.29 square miles), ranking fifth in Spain. It is the 32nd most populous municipality in the European Union. The population of the metropolitan area was estimated in 2006 at 783,763 inhabitants. The municipality is home to more than 50 percent of the Aragonese population. The city lies at an elevation of 199 metres (653 feet) above sea level.

Zaragoza hosted Expo 2008 in the summer of 2008, a world's fair on water and sustainable development. It was also a candidate for the European Capital of Culture in 2012.

The city is famous for its folklore, local gastronomy, and landmarks such as the Basilica del Pilar, La Seo Cathedral and the Aljaferia Palace. Together with La Seo and the Aljaferia, several other buildings form part of the Mudejar Architecture of Aragon which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Fiestas del Pilar are among the most celebrated festivals in Spain.

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Averio Portugal, Aveiro is a city and a municipality in Portugal. In 2011, the population was 78,450, in an area of 197.58 square kilometres (76.29 sq mi): it is the second most populous city in the Centro Region of Portugal (after Coimbra). Along with the neighbouring city of Ilhavo, Aveiro is part of an urban agglomeration that includes 120,000 inhabitants, making it one of the most important populated regions by density in the Centro Region, and primary centre of the Intermunicipal Community of Aveiro and Baixo Vouga. Administratively, the president of the municipal government is Jose Ribau Esteves (elected by coalition between the Social Democratic Party and the Democratic Social Centre, who governs the ten civil parishes.

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Joint Staff Training Event in Kırsehir:

Started the training course in #Kirsehir in the project #STRATEGEES #ErasmusPlus #KA2

Certification Ceremony

Agenda of 1st TPM :

Description: The 1st project meeting will be the start-up meeting so the planned activities are:
Analysis of the following items:
  • Brief presentation of all the partners organisations
  • Presentation of all the staff that will be involved in the project activities in each partner country
  • Presentation of the whole project initiative
  • Definition of the financial rules to be followed in each country
  • Discussion about impacts/dissemination
  • Definition of the exact dates of the second project meeting (planned for June 2018)
  • Definition of the first JSTE (planned for April 2018)
  • Subscription of the Internal Agreements with all the partners
  • Press conference to promote the start of the project
  • Choice of logo

Agenda of 2nd TPM :

Day 2 - 25/10 Second Transnational Project Meeting for Strategies for Refugees is being successfully conducted. Our valued partners from following countries are attending the meeting Italy,Poland,Greece,Turkey,Italy.Romania:
Analysis of the following items:
  • Brief presentation of all the partners organisations
  • Presentation of all the staff that will be involved in the project activities in each partner country
  • Presentation of the whole project initiative
  • Definition of the financial rules to be followed in each country
  • Discussion about impacts/dissemination
  • Definition of the exact dates of the second project meeting (planned for June 2018)
  • Definition of the first JSTE (planned for April 2018)
  • Subscription of the Internal Agreements with all the partners
  • Press conference to promote the start of the project
  • Choice of logo

Festival of Cultures :

This event is part of the Erasmus+ project "Strategies for Refugees".
The main goal of the project is to implement ways to strengthen the integration of migrants in the society along with skilled Labour jobs workshop Documentaries about cultures of Syria, Iraq & Afghanistan on 23rd September 2018.

Agenda of M3 :

Transnational Project Meeting in Madrid at our partner Postal 3 on (17-18) 01, 2019
Analysis of the following items:
  • Postal 3 - Website analysis
  • Euro-Net - Facebook Page and Group analysis
  • Best Practices - all partners
  • Festival of Cultures - all partners
  • KBM - Newsletter
  • SAN - Focus Group Results PPT
  • MC - Guide of good practices with all partners contributing
  • Euro Net - Comic Strip discussion
  • Evaluation, Monitoring and Dissemination - all partners
  • SAN - JSTE Poland preparation
  • MVI - M4 Sassari preparation
  • AOB - Any other business

C-3 Poland

Visit to Polish Migrarion

Visit to Polish Migrarion Forum in warsaw Learning, Teaching and Training (C-3) Activity - POLAND

Press Conference at University of Social Sciences, Warsaw

Training Day 1 at University of Social Sciences, Warsaw

Group Photo at the end of C3- Warsaw Poland

A Very Creative Activity held During the C3, on the topic of *Children are the Future of Cultural Contamination*

C-1 Greece

(19-20)04, C1 training in Greece KBM Consultant participated for the project Strategies for Refugees , with Our valued partners from following countries meeting , Poland ,Turkey ,Italy & Romania are attending the training in refugees Centre , visit to educational authority, UNHCR- The UN Refugee Agency & visit to Alkyone Refugee Centre.


4th TPM

It was held on 27th and 28th July in Sassari.

The meeting mainly aimed at evaluating the main outcomes, the Comic Strip and the Guide of Best Practices for Refugees' Integration at the presence of the Representatives of 8 Partners from 7 different Countries.