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Work Experience London

Work Experience London: Unpaid work placements in London for EU students

Work Experience London is the branch of KBM Consultants that provides trainees, young graduates and students from the European Union with career paths services and placement services in companies based in London for a period of unpaid professional training.

The Work Placement Programme in London

A work placement is a period of unpaid professional work and training in a small and medium size company. The work experience programme in London is suitable for trainees, young graduates or students coming from Universities or EU funded programmes who are looking for a way to enhance their CV and gain new skills in a different social and cultural context.

All participants need to be 18+ and the programme is for EU Nationals only. Under 18 students can be accepted as a group under the umbrella of EU Funded Mobility Programmes and when arriving in London with an adult group leader.

Your level of English must be a full B1, which is an intermediate level, some sectors may require even an higher level of English. We can provide you with a written level test and we can organize a Skype interview to test your English and to make sure your level is suitable for this programme.

In case you need to improve your English before the starting of your work experience, we can give you advice for the English Classes and we can book the course for you, please visit the English Course in London section for further information.

The duration of the work placement can vary from a minimum of 2 weeks, generally this is the duration for group programmes, to a maximum of 3 months.

We suggest you to stay as long as you can, as longer work placements can provide you with a better professional training and can really help you developing new skills and knowledge, apart from helping your English and cultural awareness growth.

Sectors available in London for the Work Placement Programme

The companies in our database range from a wide variety of sectors and they are all small and medium enterprises based in all different zones of London.
These are the main sectors covered for the work experience programme:

How to book your Work Experience in London

In order to provide you with the best service, we would need to receive the request for a work placement in London at least 8 weeks before the starting date of the programme.

In order to be able to participate to the work experience in London, you need to provide us with the booking form for Work Experience in London Programme, which you can download from our downloads session, a copy of your CV, better if in Europass format (you will find a sample in the downloads session), a letter of motivation when and if necessary. Once we receive all documents and once we have signed an agreement with you, we will start looking for the right company and we will keep in touch with you once we start receiving offers from potential hosting companies, showing interest for your professional profile. We will, from time to time, provide you with the company profile and with the description of your tasks to be fulfilled during the work experience.

You can review all the information and you can inform us if the company profile meets your needs and expectations. We can provide you with a maximum of two offer depending on the length of your stay, sector and period of the year. London is becoming more and more popular for interns both UK Nationals and participants from all around the world, so some flexibility is necessary when considering a work placement offer. Please see our contact details for more information on the programme and for booking procedures.

How to Contact US Work Experience in London | KBM Consultants | KBM Group

1 Concord Business Center, Concord Road, Park Royal, London W3 0TJ (United Kingdom)

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8992 4506
Fax: +44 (0)20 8992 9091
Work Placements Officers Direct Number: 0044(0) 2038 796949
(Mr. Waqas Butt)

Email for enquiries about the Work Experience Programme in London:work-experience@kbmconsultants.com

Accommodation in London

Accommodation in London: student residence, shared apartments, home stays

Work Experience London also provides accommodation finding services in London, you can choose from a wide range of options: student residences and shared apartments or experience some local culture staying with a family in London.

Accommodation options in London

Work Experience in London can provide you with all the help that you need to find a suitable accommodation during your stay in London and for all the duration of your work placement.

There are different options available that you can choose from and these are mainly:
  • Student residences
  • Shared Apartments
  • Homestay Accommodation

The student residence can be in different area of London and mainly between zone 1 and zone 3.You can choose a single room with private facilities or you can decide to save some money and have a room with shared facilities.

Some residences may require a refundable deposit at the time of booking, the deposit will be refunded within 30 days from the day of check-out provided the room has not been damaged.

The shared apartments can be in all zones of London and mainly between zone 1 and zone 4. These are apartments shared with other 5 or more students, interns, young workers.

The apartments generally provide a single or double room with shared facilities. Homestay is probably one of the most popular accommodation option among students.

The families are located in main residential areas of London and between zone 2 and zone 5.

You can choose different types of families, from standard homes to superior ones.

You can also choose your meal plan, Bed and Breakfast or Half and Full Board options.

Some families would allow you to cook your own meals, but you have to request this at the time of booking your place with the family. When you book a family with a meal plan, you will have to provide us with specific information regarding dietary requirements or allergy to any food.

You can send us an email at work-experience@kbmconsultants.com if you want to request a quote for one of these accommodation options as prices vary depending on the period of the year and on the availability of residences and apartments.

English course London

English Course in London: Semi-intensive and Intensive English Course in Park Royal.

Work Experience London can help you with the booking of your English Course in case you need to improve your language skills before starting your Work Placement in London.

English Courses in London

Do you feel you need to improve your English before starting your work placement? Work Experience in London can provide you with advice for your English course in London.

Our group owns a language school with a new and modern campus based in zone 3 in Park Royal. The campus was opened in June 2013 and it offers all modern facilities and a professional and student friendly environment.

The school name is KBM British School of English and in our Park Royal campus you can study English on a part-time or on a full-time basis. You can choose our 15 hours per week programme or you can decide to study more intensively and up to 30 hours per week.

The teachers are all mother-tongue and qualified for teaching English to students of other nationalities. The classes are international with students coming mainly from European countries and with a maximum of 15 students. The General English course is focused on improving the 4 language skills and mainly speaking, listening, writing and reading. All students have to fill in a level test on their first day of class and all students are placed in a classroom more suitable to their level of English.

At the end of course all students are give a end of course certificate. KBM BSE is accredited by EDI and by LCCI.

Send us an email to work-experience@kbmconsultants.com for a quote for your language course.

School and Agents

Are you a language school based in the UK or an agent? Would you like to provide your students with an added service? Your students may be interested in a work experience programme in London which could follow and somehow complete their language programme and which could provide them with the chance to test their English Skills in a real life situation enhancing their CV and giving them the chance to gain new and professional skills in different sectors.

Please keep in touch with us today, send us an email at work-experience@kbmconsultants.com or feel free to fill in the form below with your data and a message and a member of our Career Paths Service Staff will get back to you shortly.


Would you like to host an intern? Are you interested in receiving professional profiles from young trainees and graduates from other EU countries who are looking for unpaid professional experiences in companies based in London? This service has no cost for you and you will be totally free to review all CVs and to choose only those candidates who may be really helpful for your company.

Please keep in touch with us today, send us an email at work-experience@kbmconsultants.com or feel free to fill in the form below with your data and a message and a member of our Career Paths Service Staff will get back to you shortly.

For more Information Vist www.workexperienceinlondon.com
Name: Dalila Coppeta ( UK ) Education: Foundation in Business

Experience: My work experience with KBM Consultants in London has been amazing. I got a chance to work with professional and trained consultants who taught me language, general office skills and awareness regarding Language Consultancy service. I feel lucky after choosing KBM Consultants for my internship.

Name: Agnese Banelli ( UK ) Education: Foundation in Business

Experience: It has been an amazing experience working with KBM Consultants who guided me throughout the process of work placement in London. I would acknowledge the teamís efforts in helping me out at every step and making all the requirements and procedures easy for me. The guidelines of the professionals at KBM have been extremely useful